Singer-songwriter Lyra Star sprinkles a little bit of magic into every song she creates.


  An independent yoga-loving dreamer, Star spread her wings past her hometown of Nashville to eventually find herself exploring and falling in love with the West Coast. Finally settling in California, she became one half of the duo Wisps and Willows before realizing she couldn’t be contained and indeed needed to fly solo.

“I wanted to play under a creative name that could be anything I wanted it to be— whether that was me by myself, or me plus a full band,” explains Star. “Lyra Star was chosen because Lyra is my favorite character from a book called The Golden Compass, and I chose Star because I love looking up at the night sky. Also, a lot of my music has an ethereal/celestial/magical vibe.”


  Finding inspiration in the likes of Imogen Heap and Tori Amos, Star recently relocated to Los Angeles, where she continues to fearlessly follow her tenacious inner voice and playing live shows at venues throughout the city. As a solo artist, her imagination and creativity truly shine through her work while her pure, ethereal vocals and profound lyrics reveal a highly aware, genuinely creative soul that never lets go of the importance of following her dreams.


In 2018, Star triumphantly realized one of those dreams with the release of her aptly titled debut album, A Thousand Dreams. Recorded at Soundwire Studios in Fairfax, CA, with producer Chris Krotky, this collection of celestial songs comes complete with lush orchestral arrangements and Star’s magical signature vocals. 


Photo by Sarah B. Gilliam